Below are links to photographs that were taken at the end of 1999 of some of the original buildings, once used by those stationed at RAF Melksham.

THE CINEMA: The cinema is no longer in operation and now houses offices and storage facilities for the local council. PHOTO 1 was taken from the front of the building and PHOTO 2 was taken from the rear. This huge building now houses the town's Sport Centre (Christie Miller Sport Centre) - the entrance of the sports centre can been seen in PHOTO 3.

SHAILS LANE: One of the original entrances (although I believe this to be a back entrance) is now the site of Shails Lane. This is a private road with no thoroughfare for vehicles. The buildings shown in the distance of PHOTO 4 are some of the old hangars - and the metal gate and road in the foreground is half covered with bushes - as this road has almost been forgotten - and is now only used by cyclists or pedestrians. Shails lane is a road that stems off of the A350.

HANGARS & WOODEN HUTS: I believe that all of the old hangars are still on site and many of the old wooden huts that used to surround them are also still standing. All of the hangars and huts are still being used - but instead of for sleeping or for training - they are now used for storage. PHOTO 5 shows part of one of the hangars and PHOTO 6 shows some of the wooden huts surrounding - see also PHOTO 7.